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10-Day Detox Challenge

Common Symptoms of Toxin Overload

  • Low energy

  • Brain fog

  • Skin problems

  • Digestive Issues

  • Headaches, migraines

  • Joint pain, muscle aches

  • Insomnia

  • Mood swings, anxiety, etc.

  • Food cravings

  • Chronic inflammation, immune system dysfunction

Common Toxins Found in the Body

  • Heavy metals (i.e., lead, mercury, arsenic)

  • Pesticides & herbicides (i.e. DDT, glyphosate)

  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)

  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (i.e., benzene, toluene)

  • Bisphenol A (BPA)

Over the years, we accumulate toxins from nutrient-deficient diets, processed foods, toxic products, poor health practices, & even negative thoughts. These toxins make us overweight, sick, & age prematurely. When there is a toxin overload in the body, it is essential to DETOX. Detoxification is the process of removing toxins & harmful substances from the body.


The body was created to detox naturally through tears, exhaling, sweat, urine, & poop. In this program, you will accelerate the body’s natural detoxification process & relieve your body from stressors to jump-start your health & well-being goals. You will be propelled forward with accountability &  clear direction from certified holistic health coach & model Jaelynn Zewde. 


Everything in this program is created with intentionality and extreme attention to detail so that you will be jump-started in the correct direction to revive almost every area of your life.

Program Goodies
  • Healthy Food Guidelines and Protocol - foundational knowledge of what to eat, avoid, when, and how. 

  • 30 healthy and easy-to-prepare recipes for your cleanse

  • Wellness protocol

  • Video cooking tutorials - Learn how to adjust the recipes to your taste and more cooking tips.

  • Meditations and Breathing Techniques

  • Access to certified holistic health coach and model Jaelynn Zewde for support and accountability.

  • Community support - Access to our private detox challenge Facebook group

  • Exercise Bonus- 2 special workouts developed by a personal trainer (no equipment needed)

  • Natural Beauty Guide

 What They Are Saying 

I lost weight and felt lighter. But, more important than that, I really feel that I detoxified physically and mentally, and I did not imagine the detox to be emotionally clean as well. It was ten days feeling more connected to myself, leaving old and bad feelings to go away, and exchanging for greater care with me. The positive things being ingested by taking out the garbage from within."


It was wonderful! I felt calmer, cleaner, more active and grounded!!!

I have loved everything from preparation to the end of detox! I felt loaded with information! I highly recommend everyone this detox!”


mary shepherd.jpg

“Thank you again for all of the good information! I learned so much - this was so much more than I imagined it would be! I already had a good base because I have always been a "health nut" type, but I picked up so many good tips from you that I had no idea! Also, the valuable information you provided after my 30 minutes consultation. Following a group also helped because I felt more accountable and your daily check-ins really helped keep my focus! I will refer you to my friends and hope they check you out! Thanks & many blessings!”


“It was very nice to reconnect with the habit of cooking for me, to taste the flavor of each food, to make the combinations with pleasure. The menu is not restrictive when it comes to real food. Instead. I have not lost more than a pound, but I am already fit. The main change is in relation to digestion, which becomes almost imperceptible because everything you eat is of good quality and well done. The feeling of weight or nause simply does not exist. The premenstrual swelling, which coincided with detox, was much lower. No matter how much we inform ourselves, learning in practice is what makes us aware of how we are - were! - dependent on things without quality. I intend to keep the instructions to really incorporate smarter eating habits.”


monique cardoso.jpeg
Aline Salcedo.jpg

"My goal with this Detox was quite clear: to go back to a healthy routine and thus return to my normal weight. I'm not the type to do everything wrong, but I'm very permissive with some “trash days”. I thought I already knew a lot about nutrition and wellness, but I learned much more: new habits, new and super useful recipes. I highly recommend the program! It's a gift to ourselves, from the inside out and the outside inside!"


"I felt more willing and calmer. I noticed that my teeth turned whiter, my hair softer, and my skin brighter."


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