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One-on-one programs
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Dear Friend,

During my experience as a health coach, more than 90% of my clients simply can't understand the root cause of their health problems.

Are you one of them?

If you are, you certainly aren’t alone.

Just look around you. Depression, anxiety, overweight, digestion issues, endometriosis, acne, poor diet, lack of energy, and no goals or purposes in life. Those are some of the issues faced by people all over the world nowadays.

Take this quiz and discover the truth behind your health issues and find out how much you need to change your life?


(    ) You feel tired after waking up

(    ) You don't have energy for the most part of the afternoon

(    ) You crave sugar or caffeine

(    ) You have digestion issues 

(    ) You are bloated

(    ) You feel pain (headaches, joint pains...)

(    ) You feel depressed

(    ) You are anxious

(    ) You feel disappointed with your life

(    ) You are overweight 

(    ) You are having problems losing weight

(    ) Your PMS is worse than ever

(    ) Your diet is poor in nutrients

(    ) You do not exercise

(    ) You feel disconnected from your desires

(    ) You don't what you want in life

(    ) You feel lost with all the information about health

(    ) You smoke

(    ) You are working with something you do not like

(    ) Your sexual life does not exist or you have low libido

If you scored:


Good job! You may need to change some aspects of your life, but you are doing good right now. Reading further is optional for you though you know there is always more to learn.


You are moderate to severely unhealthy. Your lack of self-care is having a negative impact on your life. What would your life be like if you decided to face your issues?


I am sorry! You are really not healthy right now! Stop everything, take 10 minutes to read this below. Act now to save your life! ;)

Do you know what root cause means?
it is the fundamental reason for the 
occurrence of a problem


Root Cause

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