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14-Day Hormonal Balancing Detox
by Angela Sidlo

Reset your metabolism and balance your hormones
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​>Be guided through balancing seven key hormones that manage metabolism, energy, mood, and more.

>Learn how to identify which hormones might be holding you back from experiencing proper health and wellness.

> Done-for-you guides

> Menu plans

> Recipes

> Shopping lists


The videos offer tips for success and will help you develop your own eating style to reach a healthy weight and vibrancy for years to come. Hormone Balance Detox works for both men and women and is doctor-approved. You won't be doing this alone; you will be added to a supportive "Hormone Balance Detox" Facebook group to participate in.  Join us and create a new you this year!

About Angela Sidlo

Angela Sidlo is an IIN Certified Health Coach, Holistic Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Author and Educator. For nearly 2 decades she has been working with clients on a body, mind, spirit level to help them find balance and a life that allows them to thrive.

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  • Jumpstart Guide 

  • Toxicity Questionnaire 

  • Detox Daily Journal 

  • Detox Calendar 

  • January Detox Kick-Off Webinar Recording 

  • Prep Week

  • Pantry Purge Party 

  • Dirty Dozen - Clean 15 List 

  • Sleep Hacks 

  • Detox Food Charts

  • Menu Plans & Recipes

  • Recipes for a Successful Detox

  • Extra secret bonuses


Payment Plans
  • One-time payment of $147
  • $85/month for 2 months


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